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Welcome to PicSee!
PicSee as “PicSee皮克看見” shorten URLs team provided services. As long as you use the Service, you agree to these terms, so please carefully read through.


Once you become a member of PicSee, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms of the contents of this service, and fully accept the present and future services derived from existing services and content. If you do not understand or do not agree, do not register as a member.


PicSee retains the rights to change the Terms of Service, please pay attention to members, without notice. When members to continue to use the Service after any changes deemed members have read, understood and agreed to the modification or alteration.


Members must provide the correct information, without the possibility of a third person in the name registered as a member. If a member maliciously provides false or inaccurate information, PicSee has the right, without prior notice, track line to stop his/her account.


• After registering, please keep your own account and password and other personal information, do not inform any third party. Maintain the confidentiality of the account password is a member's personal responsibility. And when the login information is correct, are presumed to be members of any act himself, all the activities undertaken is the sole responsibility of the member.
• If there is any theft or other breach of security was, please immediately notify PicSee


Members must commit to not doing anything contrary to good morals or against the rights of others through PicSee, and commitment to comply with the ROC relevant laws and regulations and all international practices of using the Internet. If not members of the ROC(Taiwan), should agree to abide by laws and regulations of the country or region.
• shall not be used by any of its defamatory, insulting, obscenity, false and other violations of public order and good customs or other lawless texts, images or any form of files.
• not infringe upon the reputation of PicSee or others, privacy, copyright, intellectual property and other rights
• can not spread computer viruses


For members to upload the pictures, text or other information provided, you should within reasonable limits agree PicSee collection, preservation, as a member of statistical or research network, or any other lawful use. If the member is unable to authorize , do not upload or provide to PicSee.


Member agrees PicSee may be based on security reasons , or in violation of the Terms of Service, or termination of the membership account password using the Service, or any of the services in this “Member Content” be removed and deleted. In addition, members agree that if the use of the Service is terminated, PicSee Member or any third party shall not be liable.


If members have any questions about PicSee Terms of Service or related matters, you can contact us.
• PicSee E-mail: picsee.co@gmail.com
• PicSee fan page: Search “PicSee皮克看見” https://www.facebook.com/picsee.co/

Privacy Policy

PicSee attaches great importance to the privacy of members. The development of this “Privacy Policy” is intended to help you understand PicSee information gathered, as well as its use.

Personal Information Security

Member privacy protection is important to PicSee’s business philosophy. Under the membership without consent , we will never share personal information provided to members of any unrelated third party. Members should be properly your password confidential and personal information, do not easily reveal to others. After using the services provided by the website PicSee, always remember to sign out of your account.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

• Identifiable information you provide: When you apply for membership, you need to provide your name, e-mail and other information. If login through Facebook who will also collect personal information you disclosed it.
• Device and browser information: We will collect the device (eg: iOS, Android) PicSee when you use the site and use the browser information to provide a more complete analysis services
• Cookie: In order to facilitate the use of members, PicSee sites use cookie technology in order to provide membership services required; cookie is a web server to a browser and members of technical communication, it may be a random word stored in the member's computer string to identify the difference between a user, if the member close cookie may cause trouble signing site and other conditions.

Information Usage

If the member requests to stop using, or PicSee stop providing services to stop using any of the information collected.

Members of the rights to personal data

Members can request the following rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act for personal information
(1) Reading
(2) Made to replicate this
(3) To add or correct
(4) Collect or use stop
(5) Remove
Members who wish to exercise these rights, you can apply with PicSee contact.

Data Security

To protect member privacy and security, PicSee member account information will be protected with a password. We endeavor to provide reasonable technique and procedure to safeguard the security of all personal information.

Please note! If you refuse any of the above matters, you may not enjoy our full service!

Privacy Policy Change

If members have any questions about PicSee site privacy statement or related matters of personal data, you can contact us.
PicSee E-mail: picsee.co@gmail.com
PicSee fan page: Search “PicSee皮克看見” https://www.facebook.com/picsee.co/