Use brand domains to promote short URLs Recognition and click-through rate

Owning your own domain can increase customers’ click willingness. According to statistics, the click rate will increase by as much as 39%! The brand domains of well-known companies, such as Shopee and Taishin Bank, both chose PicSee short URLs to set.

Easy-breezy setting

Create exclusive short URL

In addition to increasing the click-through rate, it also protects your website information security!


Excellent stability

Choice of well-known leading corporates

More than 50,000 clicks can be processed in one second, and instantaneous high traffic will not cause customers to lose


Complete and powerful features

Easily have a short link generation and analysis system

You can immediately enjoy the full functions of PicSee, including performance analysis, tracking code setting and editing thumbnail titles


This domain already exists

If you don’t have a domain yet, you can buy it here, or To OnlyDomains , NameCheap , but it is not recommended because of problems with GoDaddy settings. After the purchase is completed, follow the steps below to set the short domain.